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5th Mar

Keith Fellows - Artist Review


keith fellows picWeLoveYourSongs Page: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/1334/Keith+Fellows

I went to college for Undergrad in Nashville – the Music City section of Nashville to be exact. Everyone there, and many people outside of the city, know that the additional nickname of “A Songwriter’s Town” is completely relevant. There are so many people there that do not perform on a regular basis, but are the only reasons we know any songs sung by the likes of Carrie Underwood or Lady Antebellum.

I open with pointing out folks like that because, from the sounds of his bio, Keith is one of those people in the background, writing the hits. He outright states, simply, that he wants someone out there to sing the songs he has to offer.

“Motel Rendezvous” is first up, and right out of the gate sounds like something arranged on Garage Band. It’s for sure a rough demo just trying to appeal to someone out there to take and make something out of. It’s a sadder, possibly far too honest, track. Probably not the one to start off with, but as his page states – if you don’t like one, move on to the next one.

I would love to pick this guy’s brain on who his influence are, because right now I’m thinking a mix of mid-time Beatles and Elvis Costello. “Tongue Tied Again” has this cute little skip-a-long beat that would only really work between those two sides. It’s adorable, and maybe even Broadway musical appropriate.

“The Girl On Page Three” is… wait, what is this? Is he talking about a girl in a Playboy? Maybe I missed something here, but I think the general gist is that he wants a girl he can’t get… who he only knows on paper.

I want to like something on this list, mostly out of being a singer and always looking for new, good songs to get in to. “Isn’t It Wrong?” is probably the closest I’ve gotten so far. Get rid of the echo, maybe change the pacing and tone a little bit, and this could be a really interesting and cool piece.

Now “I Am A Soldier” is one with potential for sure. Re-arrangement with a few different instruments could really make this something that people could get in to. We know Toby Keith’s made the subject matter work, after all.

All right Keith Fellows, there does seem to be something real here. Keep in mind, it takes a lot of loser songs to score the ones great one. Please don’t stop working at it, because if you can get two decent potential songs out of these five samples, I’m sure there’s more there in you.

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