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27th Feb

Emma Perks - Artist Interview


Emma Perks Picture

Meet Emma Perks, a very interesting polyhedral unsigned artist from Scotland!

1. Hi Emma! Can you tell us a little about you and why have you started to play music?
I live in a remote part of Scotland with my husband, two beautiful daughters and 2 dogs. Music has always been my passion. I play the guitar and write my own songs. Whatever mood I am in there is always a song to go with it. I come from a family who feels the need to burst into song at every opportunity and has a song for every occasion! Music is my therapy, if I am feeling down or stressed I pick up the guitar and sing until I feel better. My songs reflect how I feel at the moment I write them. My children are inspiration for many of my songs and are always the first to listen and critique them.I have just had one of my songs put on a CD to raise money for the highland hospice, which is a charity that cares for people with terminal illnesses. It contains local artists from my area and will hopefully raise much needed money for them to carry on in their wonderful work.

2. How has the place you live influenced you and your music?
Living in a remote and beautifully rugged area helps with my music a lot. I find the landscape and peacefulness is an amazing catalyst in song writing. The basics of my songs often come to me while out walking with the children and dogs.

3. What equipment do you use to produce your music?
I don’t have any fancy equipment for recording my music and most of them are recorded on my phone with me playing the guitar and singing. Though I Cry For You was recorded with a good friend who has some of the fancy stuff!!

4. Who are your influences?
I love lots of different artists, though my playlists always feature Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton and JJ Gilmour heavily. I love musical talent in any way it is expressed, whether it be playing an instrument, singing or writing.

5. How do you think you differ from other artists?
I write souly based on how I feel and do not attempt to make my songs in any particular genre. I think this makes my music pure and interesting as it is not attempting (or succeeding) to fit into any particular category of music or listener.

6. What advice could you give to emerging artists wanting to do something in a similar style?
I am by no means a successful artist yet, so I am not sure I am qualified to give any advice, but I would say that music should be passion and as long as you feel the passion while you write or play you should stick at it. Even if it never goes any further you should always enjoy the process.

7. How did you find out about weloveyoursongs.com?
I found out about weloveyoursongs.com by doing Internet searches for song writing competitions.

8. Plans for the future?
I would love to continue to write and play my songs. Obviously, being a successful singer/song writer would be amazing, but as long as I enjoy it and the people that hear it enjoy it too, then I am happy.

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