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22nd Feb

ByItsRightName - Artist Review




WeLoveYourSongs Page: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/1479/ByItsRightName

This USA-based acoustic rock back comes at us with a creative flair to their bio. They begin with an explanation of what a name is, and what it means to live up to one. They introduce themselves: Justin, Ricky, and Andrew, and give the meanings of strength behind each one of them.

All right, very creative and lovely. But what’s the deal with their music?

Well, we start things off with “Dignity Sky.” It’s obviously a pretty raw recording, which is respectable – I’m a little over production value anyway. Generally a good rock sound that keeps moving throughout. Think a little 90’s, complete with lyrics to sink your teeth in to.

“Haste Makes Waste” is a nice slow one, a guy singing of a girl. It’s a little depressing, but sometime the most honest ones are. I like the easy-ness of this though. It’s one you could turn on during a sad time and hear some hope offered up by one shy guy.

Picking the pace back up, we get “The Replay.” A cool rock of guitar work and drums loosing control from time to time. Gotta love the quick breakdowns. Here we’ve got a good background band for a bar. There’d be some folks up front loosing their faces during the performance, and some by the bar, drinking and not talking because they can get away with it due to the volume.

“Inside” is another slow smoky one. I love the guitar on this one, just falling over and over again like sweetness. Nothing comes on too strong here, making it a great backing track to the rest of life as it goes by.

I already love the title for “Wings Through The Fire.” Something poetic and strong there all at once. The music itself fits right along with the rest – good instrumental work with airy vocals on top, neither of which seems to dominate noticeably. I’m making up the meaning as I go along, a lot like how some of these chords sound.

So this was fun. I love discovering new bands, especially incredibly indie bands over the Internet. I mean, that’s why I write for this website, isn’t it? Yes, this is a band that completely fits a stereotypical mold, but sometimes that’s exactly appropriate and needed.

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