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18th Feb

WeSs B - Artist Review


WeLoveYourSongs Page: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/1377/WeSs+B

No picture = immediate sad face reaction.

The description we get here is tiny, but actually, I’ve seen worse. We get the basics: a New York songwriter who’s devoted to the music. Okay, so it’s not much on this particular site, but there’s a Facebook and a Twitter, both of which are regularly updated. Granted, the first picture you see screams “F8ck The World” at the top, which doesn’t make me love this right away. But okay, we’ll give this guy a shot.

Oh, cool, a song that starts with gun shots. That’s clearly appealing. “Why you up in here.” Is DJ Who Kidd on this too? I remember that guy from a mix tape I helped film videos for… it was awful. Anywhos, this whole song is a self-righteous hype. Nothing terribly catchy, let alone entertaining.

“Hands High” must be a continuation from the last one. So goes some mix tapes. At least the sound doesn’t completely the same. And this one’s got a party element instead of being something that, lyrically, makes me feel like less of a woman. It’s almost listenable. Well, aside from the little production notes throughout with dude talking over the track.

Sounding like something off a radio, not a produced record, we get on in to “Give it to ya.” Can people at least have enough respect to capitalize titles appropriately? All right, so a slower rap about sex, joy. Too many effects used throughout. I guess there’s an audience out there for this – but not in this room.

“Lenny Kravits” (and yes that’s how it’s spelled) is next up. “My music good, riiigghhhttt?” Yup, direct quote. *Sigh* just remember Janelle, this is a site that really does allow everyone and anyone to have a voice.

Final song! “Kiesha to Tiesha” starts off with a guy noticing the two girls on different sides of the room, and goes on to name so many more. It’s no “Mambo Number 5” but at least he’s got an attempt at a story. Are people really like this though? Man I guess I don’t get out enough.

Wow, well… that happened. Again, I respect the mentality of the site in that they allow anyone to put music up and get out there. But ‘music’ like this is tough to catch on to. So musically, eh, not my style. As an artist, at lease this guy is taking the plunge and putting himself and his tunes out there.

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