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4th Feb

DOLLA SIGN - Artist Review



WeLoveYourSongs Page: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/1725/Dolla+Sign

This is a hip-hop/rap, rap/r&b, acoustic rock, other artist. Say that out loud and tell me just how ridiculous it sounds. I suppose if you want to reach out to more people though, you connect with more genres. Usually you show your face in the picture as well though.

Kirshorn Gorson was born and raised in the Caribbean/Dominica, and tells us he’s an Aries. Why, hello 90’s. He mixes his born accent with the African to “make it sound real.” Michael Jackson is his role model – so at least we know there’s some good taste there. He points out some popular rap artists as well as influences, but says he listens to everything, though this is the genre he does, despite loving them all.

So let’s see how the site is connected throughout social media. The Facebook link goes to this guys personal page (Tha IslandBoy is what he goes by there), with a cover photo with pot. For Twitter, we get a “does not exist” page. The website leads to his YouTube page, which I’m not terribly moved to take a look through.

“Break-Up Song” is first. All right, all right, my co-worker and I are tapping our feet to the beat. Nice little throwback sound. Too much echo. Not the rap sound I expected – is this guy like 12? Ooh, maybe that wasn’t him – it may have been a guest artist, Kid Wonder.

An equally unknown artist named Colety joins in for “What’s It Gonna Be.” Lots of auto tune going on here – have I mentioned how much I hate computers sometimes? Anywhos, he’s trying to get the girl back and wants to know what he has to do to make that happen. Sweet sentiments, at least. 

“Why (cuz dem ahterz blind)” starts off with a little blurb about how guys who gets killed probably deserved it – so don’t be a snitch. Yeah, this makes me want to listen to the rest of this. Okay, okay, giving it a fair chance – after all, I can’t be biased on just music I like to hear – gotta give everyone and everything a chance. Musically though, it’s not fantastic. I appreciate the attention to even beats, though the use of the same sounds the entire time, especially when off of a hard drive, not a mind for real, is tough to sit through. At least there’s effort in this one though!

Oh I should have seen the gun shots coming for “G-Trigger Squeeze.” At least there are fun accents to listen to in this one. However, hearing it all alone in my little NYC apartment is maybe freaking me out a little bit.

“Nuh fraid of dem” is the last song and digs further into that island vocal sound, though I can understand less and less of the wording. Somehow, that’s all right though.

Clearly, I’m not a big fan of the music itself. However, I always must give credit where credit’s due, and this young man has at least put up a page with material and a personal introduction. Regardless as to how his music actually sounds, I completely respect his effort to at least put it out there.

Comments, questions, suggestions? EMAIL ME! I will reply! jh@weloveyoursongs.com

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