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28th Jan



WeLoveYourSongs Page: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/1885/The+Empty+Pockets

Chicago-based The Empty Pockets come to us with a Brooklyn look, boasting of indie rock and rock/pop music. They call themselves quirky and charismatic, with music containing (and I just had to quote because the words chosen are so catchy): “unrelenting hooks, honest lyrics, and carefully crafted songwriting.” It’s hard to wrap your head about a hipster-looking band putting in a lot of craft and honesty to their music, but here we are.

Amazingly enough, they do have a list of accolades already under their belts: SXSW appearances, joining Jennifer Hudson at the House of Blues, and two singles on the Hot 100 chart. My confusion now lies in questions of my own ignorance – where have these folks been and why haven’t we noticed them yet?

The other links? Well, Facebook just takes us to Facebook. They do have a Twitter, which seems to be up to date and very personable with whomever out there may be reading it.  MySpace works, but the band’s name is “Josh And The Empty Pockets” instead of just the back half. And you can only get on their site by entering your email address (they ask you to confirm your newsletter signup via email – so I guess it’s not that bad). Also, it looks like they opened for George Lopez on tour!

“Fall Right Now” is the first song offered. This is stuff I would have totally fallen for in high school. Not that I don’t like it now – but the sound is just juvenile enough (probably due to recording style – completely stripped back) for a 15-year-old me to be rocking out to while getting ready for school.

Can I just put this out there that, based on the picture, I wasn’t expecting a male lead voice? Sort of a cool style though. This one, “I Don’t Wanna Know,” is very cute in a cool way. It starts with a 20’s piano-bar style sound, and moves on to a sweet jazz-like sound throughout. The theme’s pretty great too, and the use of saxophone is for sure something I haven’t heard since a big band album I reviews months ago. Stylish!

“Beautiful to Me” is shy boy admitting thoughts on pretty girl, and I don’t care if that’s incredibly grammatically incorrect. He seems to get a little more confident, as he should, throughout. Also, the piano backing brings something totally unique and lovely to this sound.

All right, there’s the female voice – and the moment the crowd goes “whoa, she can sing!” “Let Go” plays to me like a back-and-forth duet and the story is sweet. The music is gentle enough to loose your emotions in and appreciate what’s going on. I don’t have too many words for this one, just that it’s enjoyable in a totally different way than the rest.

“Baby It’s Cold Outside/Baby Please Come Home” is, indeed, a Christmas mash-up. It’s a cute little jazz-pop approach to the two songs and needs to be on more compilation CD’s/playlists for the month of December. What an awesome approach to these two classics!

While I still don’t know who these folks are at all – let alone the songs that were hits on the charts – I really loved this! They live up to every description they’ve given themselves and then some. Really, an enjoyable experience that I may just come back for more of!

Comments, questions, suggestions? EMAIL ME! I will reply! jh@weloveyoursongs.com

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