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16th Jan

THE NEW ROOT - Artist Review



WeLoveYourSongs Page: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/2042/The+New+Root

Today we’re getting back into things for the new year with alternative Bristol-based band, The New Root.

Their debut album, Talk is Ending, came out in 2010 and as of the writing of their bio for WLYS, a new two-track single was released and available as a few download on their site. Granted, their latest event posted on this site was in 2011. They also include a couple of positive critical quotes and a general described as exciting and distinctive.

Good news though: the band is still at work. They last posted on both Twitter and Facebook on Christmas, They have a fairly decent amount of listeners on LastFM. MySpace is a little bit of everything. And their website… huh. It’s really cool! I think they’ve seriously done everything right here: it’s simple enough on the mind, but has all the information we need. Also, their pictures are great – natural and live. Good looking group of rockers here! 

So, the music. Here we go. “Same/Different” is up first. The music is fantastic right off the bat, just classic fantastic rock. The vocals come in as just a little twisted and awkward sounding, but somehow it’s a sound that grows on you. I’ve heard a voice like this at some point, probably in the 90’s, but never to this sort of background sound.

“When You Wake Up” is, I think, letting me pin down the sound: a mellow Maroon 5 meets Evanescence. This one’s a slower number with more depth within the sound to draw you in. There’s a sadness on top of the steady beat each instrument seems to give.

Again, the music starts off sounding so familiar and typical in the best way possible, then in comes that voice for “American Tale.” As I said, it grows on you, but I do have to admit – this voice makes it hard to get a song stuck in your head or really fall for one as a new favorite.

“Breathe Slow” does that right at the beginning in every way, and then strays away from it the rest of the song with a picking dance beat provided by the guitars. This song is so completely disorienting, and I think it’s my favorite by far.

The final song we get here is “In A Wave (Something’s Coming).” After four songs with a complete alto range, this is weird as she’s much more in the middle of the spectrum. I don’t hate it though! In fact, by the end, it’s easy to find yourself caught up in the sound and ready for more.

So strange, but sort of right and good at the same time. This is certainly everything the critics say, and then some. This band is certainly deserving of your time and attention if you’ve got it to spare, so give The New Root a shot!

Comments, questions, suggestions? EMAIL ME! I will reply! jh@weloveyoursongs.com 

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