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10th Jan




WeLoveYourSongs Page: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/2225/Don+Haddock

It’s been quite some time since I’ve come across a country artist on this site, and Don Haddock is amongst the most active in any genre. This is an American songwriter from San Diego, California who’s been playing since the age of 15. Though he took some time off to pursue a professional baseball career, he came back to music through bluegrass.

Eventually, he wound up in Orange County for work and raised his family there. This is about when he transferred over to straight-up country music, playing Honky Tonks around Southern California for eight years. After many accolades, a first album was finally released (“Heartaches and Honky Tonks”), then a second (“Time Will Tell”). While the music is from 2011 and before, I’m still excited to see what Don has to offer up here on WLYS!

“The Heartache’s On You” is first up. The recording is super simple and old school, right down to the up-close microphone technique. The music is the old school country I hear a lot of folks say that they miss in the genre, so there’s certainly an audience out there for it.

Next up is “Tulley’s On A Plane.” Talk about Honky Tonk. I have to say, in today’s Nashville, it’d be pretty hard to see any of this, but obviously he’s been able to make a somewhat career out of playing these things. Certainly can’t complain.

You know a song’s going to be entertaining somehow when it’s titled “Yodeling Old Hobo.” Now, I don’t love the… I can’t tell if it’s an echo reverb effect or harmonies, but I’m pretty sure that’s just one voice. Either way, the vocals don’t need all that extra stuff. Music like this can stay raw and stand on its own.

“Rain, Keep Coming Down” slows things down just a bit. This could be really good if it’s done right. Lyrically, it’s just a simple song from the heart, seemingly thought up almost on the fly. It feels like he really is just sitting on the porch thinking this out to himself. I can’t say that the string section in the background (which I think it straight off of a computer) is entirely fitting, but somehow it’s not bothersome enough to hate. I’d even venture to say there’s more heart brought into the song.

Final song we get here is “Stand Back,” which has a player piano as the primary instrument at the get-go. Pretty sweet rockin’ little beat to get the crowd into it, and I can almost taste the line dance going on out there on the floor. Overall, great good times. 

All right Don, not a bad job at all. I mean, you certainly know how to show the crowd a good time, and keep at that music. Hopefully, if I ever make it back out west, I can catch this music live with a good dance leader – seems like you can make the whole bar into country fans! 

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