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3rd Jan




WeLoveYourSongsPage: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/214/cigarRATS

No info in the bio section!

LastFM link goes to a page with… ooh, pictures and a quick blurb about them being a Russian quartet of slobs, combining brit-pop with American garage rock. Hm.

MySpace gives a more cleaned-up version of about the same general bio.

Guys, where’s your WLYS info??

“Different Lands” has an awesome guitar lead-in. Crossing fingers for good voices as well… Oh sweet lord, it’s actually a decent sounding guy! The song’s pretty good and at the very least has me sticking around for more (even if I, yah know, didn’t always stick around for more).

Oh there’s the garage rock they spoke of. “When My Dogs Can Fly” is an interesting enough title to walk in to. There’s harmonies and echoes involved throughout, and a kind of cool song structure overall. I’m hoping it was just my volume level, but I couldn’t pick up very many of the words. Not bad though, at least this had a beat to get into just a bit.

While I, of course, have no idea what’s going on in “In Your Bag,” or the actual point of the song itself, I like it. There’s a hint of Nirvana in there that’s totally great to hear. I guess this is the combo sound they were talking about on their other sites. Good stuff!

Yeah, a short and sweet one. This is what happens with no info a few songs, but I feel hope in the case. These guy may even be worth a post-review track down for more info and music, and that extra thought of effort is saying a lot.

Comments, questions, suggestions? EMAIL ME! I will reply! jh@weloveyoursongs.com

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