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27th Dec




WeLoveYourSongs Page: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/2277/Eklecktic+Storm

EKS, as her bio calls her, is listed as (deep breath): “singer/songwriter, pop, acoustic rock, alternative.” She’s from Brisbane, and has “the vocal echoes of Suzanne Vega.” I honestly can’t say I know what that means though. Anywhos, her music is described simply as refreshing and powerful and apparently we’ll be impacted. Good to know, and just intriguing enough to prompt a listen.

Facebook works, and seems relatively new but up-to-date. Twitter works and is used once every few weeks, mostly to advertise music liked, but a few new songs posted as well. MySpace is up and working, and I think I caught a start date of just this year. Her primary website listed is her Reverb Nation page.

 Musically, we start with “Love To Hate.” Very computerized piano sound, but joined in quickly by a simple Jewel/Robyn voice. There’s some interesting effort in there. While the voice is sort of flat and tough to hear (as are most that are laid in with computerized music), the effort in songwriting it there.

“Choices” starts off with a guitar instead, sounding much more like an in-studio recording. Again, vocally, there could be some training done to make it so much better. Lyrically though, EKS seems to have something special to share with us. She does, as her bio describes, seem to have the ability to connect with the listener through generally real-life situations and words.

There are few moments I wish I could work with an artist from a producer’s standpoint, but “Hold Me Back” has me itching for it just a little bit. I feel like with some heavier instruments and better pacing, along with good in-studio work, this song could be really incredible. She’s got the makings of some greatness going for her here.

“Trouble” is where things finally pick up, and I really enjoy it until things start to drag out in what I can only imagine is meant to be some dramatic attempt at a bridge or ending of the song. Eh, it was a bridge. Again, more instruments might make this, but – and I’m trying to just take it for what it is – the song’s got chops. Think Alanis without quite so much anger. It’s just enough of an empowerment and reality-filled sentiment to be quite a good chick song.

Final song time! “Take A Look At Me Now” isn’t just a Mariah Carey song – it’s also an EKS (man that’s easier to type than the full name…) basement recording! So, she plays a little with echoes, and does a little rhythm change throughout. I can appreciate the fun in that. I just don’t appreciate the final product enough to be left with a good taste for the artist. Strange feeling too, because the sentiment of the song seems to be one that should really stick onto my heart.

I feel at odds with EKS. I don’t want to like her music, but I have a desire to enjoy it. There’s potential, which I don’t hear very often since I spend so much time listening to more polished work. I like that she’s trying, and hope she keeps going.

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