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21st Dec

LAST HARVEST - Artist Review



We Love Your Songs Page: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/782/LAST+HARVEST

Well, this won’t take long.

Last Harvest has no info on their page, and no additional links to try to find out more.

Maybe their approach is the just get one song out there that folks will love. Maybe that’s all they want. Well, we’ll listen to the one then.

“You Left Me” is the one song we get. Slow guitar lead in, steady pace to start. Vocals take a while to come in (I assumed this was just a jam band after a while), and they’re a little reminiscent of the Phish sound. This does seem like it was recorded in a basement, which I can appreciate for an indie band. It’s almost refreshing to not hear an over-produced piece. While the vocals are off tone-wise, they’ve got the steady starts of something here.

Okay, so that one song doesn’t have me hooked. In fact, I’ll probably forget about this band entirely once I save and send this review. So I suppose this is one for the ‘what not to do’ column of examples. While I admire them for getting a page up, if they are still trying to do something with their band, some effort should be paid to all outlets. You never know when some random little blogger may try to help you out with some exposure!

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