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18th Dec

AKCAY KARAAZMA - Artist review


WeLoveYourSongs Page: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/2671/Akcay+Karaazmak


Akcay Karaazmak calls himself alternative / alternrock, and hails from Istanbul – a place I believe we have yet to travel in these posts! He is 33 years old, and figured out that he liked music at an early age. As a teenager, he picked up a guitar and knew it was for him, eventually also adding drums to his repertoire. He even had a band in his early twenties called Asaradel.

The first album Akcay put out (it does not specify if this was the whole band or just him) was sold in more than ten countries, and four albums later he started also going after his masters in computer engineering in London. Ah, and here is where the electronics come in to play – he began using these technological skills to experiment with trance music as well. After England, he moved on to Russia, making sure to make stops throughout Europe along the way.

Now back in his native Turkey, he’s finally “reaching [his] peak” musically. Based on his extensive bio on his WLYS page (kudos there friend) he basically does what he wants, when he wants now. He also runs a game development studio and directs his own animation & VFX studio on the side.

Whew, that’s a lot of background. So much so that I, for once, feel no need to see if his other page links work! (This is a good thing.) 

“Hey You” is first up, song-wise. From the opening chords, I might be in love with this song and style. It’s pop with the touch of rock that makes my favorite artists so good. The vocals come in and they are… shakey. The whole song’s also not well balanced.

The next one starts off much like a Lifehouse song. “Fake Smile” is… weird. I’m all for Tim Burton weird and twisted, but this is just too much. This is like creepy clown in a haunted hour weird. Bent metal never made an appealing sound to my ears, and I’m sure nobody out there disagrees.

“Smiling Lights, Black Kisses” shows some minor potential, I think… I hope. There’s almost something worthwhile there. Again, balancing issues, which could have probably been fixed in production, but weren’t.

Three down, two to go. Deep breaths. Damn it, this all seemed to be going so well. “Fall Of The Drama Queen” at least provides one of the more interesting titles I’ve heard as of late. I like the edge of the voice, just not the style for some reason. It’s like there’s a mistake in tuning somewhere down the line.

“Paranoid Star” is the final song, and apparently the title track of the album these all came from. It was okay. It’s all just okay.

So, great set up, not a fantastic finale music-wise. I don’t want to listen to this guy again, but I like his story and respect his interests. Maybe he’s spread too thin and into too many things, or maybe my ears are off. 

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