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14th Dec

SEN - Artist Review




WeLoveYourSongs Page: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/5773/SEN

In the electronic category this week, we get ‘pop/rock, pop, electro’ artist SEN. What’s up with the all-caps names lately?

Anywhos. SEN is from Venezuela. Ooh, exotic. He’s apparently been played all over Latin-American media, and has even reached #1 on various charts. We’re in for a ‘pop romantic style’ with a blend influenced by ‘rock, flamenco, electronic, and ethnic world beats.’ I believe that was the first, and this is the second, time in my life I’ve ever typed ‘flamenco.’

His background in singing goes back to seven years old with piano and singing, and adding guitar at 15 with a high school rack band. AND his bio comes in Spanish as well. All right folks, we officially, finally, have an example of a good artist page bio!

Only issue may be that he’s signed, but that’s why he’s a grab bag artist.

Okay, so Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and LastFM all work! And he has his own fully running site too! This is excited. There’s even a uniform look to each site he has. Someone’s working on this marketing for sure.

 “Imagen” is the first song we get on this page, though I’m hesitant to say song. Sadly, we only get to here a few brief seconds of great guitar pop sounds and Spanish lyrics. It’s got a melt-your-heart way about it somehow though.

The next is also just a snippet. This time it’s “Si Tu Supieras” which is a far more rockin’ little sound. For a nice change, I can’t tell if a single bit of this is from a computer. It sounds extremely clean, which screams production added, but at least it doesn’t seem to completely say apple loop.

“Morena” has that flamenco (three times!) sound I was waiting to hear. This one’s more along the lines of Spanish dance music that I would have expected, really holding the ability to get those hips moving.

Finally, there’s “Si Tu Supieras Remix.” I guess this is where the electronic side of things come in? Oddly enough though, it all still works in what comes across to me as a completely different song. The sound is great, and the blend is fantastic. I want to hear more of this!

All right, so another really great one in SEN. I’m loving this streak of good music we’re on here, folks. Sadly, there are no full songs – which would be my one bit of advice. At least give us one to hear all the way through, then the other three snippets to keep drawing us in. I’m already loosing the amazing, colorful SEN sounds in my head because the lack of playing time!

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