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12th Dec

PUNCH - Artist Review




WeLoveYourSongs Page: http://weloveyoursongs.com/artist/3698/PUNCH


Today we have Punch, three guys hailing from Pasadena (California). They’ve been playing for over thirty years and have just released their first album, Punch 2.0.

John, Raul, and new-comer Andrew make up the line-up.

And, well, that’s about all we’re going to get from this page! Funny thing is that this is one of WLYS’s most active artists.

The other links? Twitter doesn’t work. MySpace is very plain and typical. TuneCore (?) is their main site base with about the same artist profile as we get on WLYS.

So, the music. First is “So Glad,” a pretty hard rockin’, slower side jam. It drags on a bit, sitting at a higher number of minutes than I think I’m prone to handle for unknown music, but it’s not bad. Hard to keep track of what’s happening throughout.

“Why” has me wishing I could pump the speakers up a lot louder. While I don’t know what is going on in the words, I could seriously care less. This is just a good loud rock song and that’s about all I require in some moments. Ah, okay, finally catching some of the lyrics, which are pretty damn simple about love. Overall, an effortless song to hear, perfect for awesome highway driving.

Nice hard drum opening for “If I Were You.” Solid, classic rock sound here. Continuing the standard set by the first two songs. Again, nothing stand-out-ish, but a decent addition to any old rock list. It’d blend in well.

“Bluebird” isn’t what I expected. By this, I mean I thought we were about to get the rock ballad amidst the harder songs. Instead, this is a slightly softer song – I can hear all of the words. It’s more Bush than the metal-esq songs provided before, making it a much more marketable song in mainstream.

Final song seems to make for a nice closer. The tone’s a little lighter in the vocals for “Hurry Up” and the theme seems to be about living it up. Same general rock beat as before, making this a band that knows where it does well and stays in its bubble.

Overall, I like Punch. They’ve got a decent sound and some will to work. I’d probably consider them again sometime, if for nothing more than to extend a rock playlist a little longer in timing.

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