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7th Dec

HEATHERLYN - Artist Review



Heatherlyn is amongst the top active artists on WLYS. She keeps up her profile with new songs and tour dates, realizing there are fans out there who want to know what’s up!

This girl gives us a one paragraph bio introduction. She’s got a “Soul ~ Roots ~ Rock vibe” and hails from Minneapolis, MN. She’s one a few awards, notably (in my mind) a 2012 Midwest “People’s Choice” of NPR’s Mountain Stage New Song Performance Contest. Her bio boasts of honesty and soulfulness and promises that folks can relate and understand her, no matter where they come from in life. In concert, she’s said to take us on a journey, really connecting with the audience on many different levels. This is the beautiful story of a truly musical hippie chick.

 The Facebook and website links don’t work, but you can follow her on twitter like I did, @heatherlynmusic.

 The event on there is from 2011, so I’m curious as to how active Heatherlyn really is, but we’ll ignore that over-site for the moment.

 Music time! She’s got five songs up, which is sort of the most exciting part of the page. The first one is “When I Dream,” a light acoustic number. She’s got this awesome soulful, just-deep-enough voice to accompany the rest. The song’s so simple, and reminds me of Marthe Bryne, who could use music to say more with so little. This is really very well done and enjoyable.

 “Wayfaring Stranger” has a little effect on the guitar, some reverb, to make it just slightly like a California beach guitar wail. That idea at least works in my head as a way to connect to the title of the song itself. As the song picks up, you can feel the sway of it rocking on down the road. She’s got rhythm as well as soul, not only relying on deep belts to make her point musically. This one shows a new, cool side to Heatherlyn, and I dig her choices here so far.

 Next one up takes the effect off the guitar. “Home With You Continues” is like something directly out of “Dawson’s Creek” (that’s a compliment). And aw, it’s a love song. It’s sweet, beautiful, and meaningful. This is probably my favorite type of song ever.

 “Jack Riddle” kicks off with a little fun strumming, and I think we’re getting a story about this guy Jack, sitting and watching. At the get-go, I don’t know how this one’ll play out, but I like the idea in observation. I like the simplicity that these lyrics sort of boil down to – layers make it all seem so nuts, but this is life at the end of the day, and it’s what we’ve got going for us.

 Final song on the page is “Put On Your Climbing Shoes.” Rocking little intro for this one, just giving a little more grit and roll to the song. I don’t know if I zoned, or if I’m just tired, but I don’t get this one for some reason. I mean, I could make up my own reasoning behind the lyrics, but let’s be happy with a good beat to round out the set.

 I really like Heatherlyn! She keeps up a good page with a great offering of music for us, and this is the first time in a while I’ve really considered coming back to a page after a review to see if they have more to offer down the line. For sure, a really good time.


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