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4th Dec

KENNY WARD - Artist Review



To start, a Writer’s Note: So I’m taking a bit of a new way about this whole artist review thing we’re doing together on We Love Your Songs. See, the point of the site is to give exposure to unsigned bands and artists out there in a really fantastic way. The contests are amazing, and some of y’all work incredibly hard to get us good material. You work has totally been noticed, and therefore, the site and writers like me want to give those who work hard for it some exposure. That being said, there are also bands out there that may be struggling to get anything up at all, and use this site as just the smallest platform to get something started. I have the utmost respect for both sides of this spectrum, and therefore will now be covering TWO artists a week from here on out.

The first artist selection will be from a list of the top 500 active artists out there on WLYS, giving further exposure and serving as a reward for keeping up the tremendous work and contributions to independent music.

The second artist selection (the “Grab Bag Artist Reviews”) will still come from my random searches through the genres, going with whoever may pop up first. I want to keep doing this as well as an encouragement for artists to put something up on their pages and keep working at their music. I’ve already heard from a couple of bands that I’ve written about in this manner, who realize there is someone out there listening, and wants them to keep going.


ALL RIGHT! Now, back to the music!


Kenny Ward is what I’m going to call a grab bag artist, because he’s not on the top 500 list, and it was by chance that his page came up at the top of the list under “other” this week. He doesn’t have anything on the bio portion of the page, and little else to speak of.

Love the picture though, right off the bat. Intense, black and white, and seems to be a good looking guy from this looking-away shot. Okay, not a bad start, despite the fact that we’re going to know absolutely nothing about him.

The basics tell us he’s a pop artist from “all over CT,” which I can only guess is Connecticut, but I’m slightly ethnocentric.

In an exciting note, his Facebook is much more up-to-date, with a posting about upcoming shows just a few days ago! That’s exciting! Kenny, get back on WLYS and get us updated!! I mostly say this because I am trying to review mainly off the WLYS page, but Facebook is terribly tempting and up-to-date. The MySpace is the same way, having new music up just earlier this month! Oh man, it hurts to hit that “x.”

 Oh, and I was right about the Connecticut thing.

The twitter link doesn’t work. Neither does the website button. Boo.

The song we get on the page is “Alone.” It’s very raw, very clearly done in a simple way. Sounds like there’s just a drum set, maybe a shaker, and a little bit of bass. The vocals are interesting, with a computerized effect laid into them hear and there. I have to give credit to this site – they really accept anyone with anything to offer. What Kenny brings up is a stripped down, yet computer generated pop song, utilizing elements that are pretty typical to everything big hits are about right now. Best thing I get here is the feeling that he’s fun live.

 And if he updated this page with shows, I would know where I could see if he’s as fun as I think!


 Comments, questions, suggestions? EMAIL ME! I will reply! jh@weloveyoursongs.com


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