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26th Nov

THE WAYNE - Artist Review


the wayne


Taking a ride into Christina Hip-Hop/Rap with Wayne this week!

So let’s start by checking out his page, of course. Wayne has a very simple paragraph talking about how he strayed from Christ and has come back to him – now praising through music. Granted, I’d love to know more details right then and there, but he gives a reason for his music, which is actually pretty rare to read. And he looks like a nice guy, eh? There’s also an old gig date, which would have been awesome to see before it happened, since it’s nearby, and Wayne was in his home state of Jersey! Yeah Jersey boy!! See, now I like you.

The other links on the page are polar opposites. The Twitter page doesn’t work. The website, however, brings you to his ministries site, chock full of info on the guy and the mission they are on. I’d love to spend more time there getting to know him, but these write-ups are on what an artist can bring to their promotional package on WeLoveYourSongs.com.

“Reach” is our one song on this page, sadly. Please artists, give a variety and a few songs. When you only post one, you lessen the chance of someone finding their new favorite song, or at least something that gets stuck in their head. I guess you risk in hopes of the reward though. This particular song is good, though I could do without the high-pitched ringing throughout. A lot of the story here is just about his need for God in his life. It’s not a hard concept to grasp, and Wayne’s got a steady, clear way about his rap.

Thought I don’t feel like I know any more about Wayne than when I started, and he hasn’t left too much of an impact, there’s something about him that leaves me just saying “all right man, you’re okay.” He’d make a good buddy, maybe even the kind you’d be cool with hanging out at the church picnic with after his set that morning.


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