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21st Nov

The Fraziers - Artist Review


the fraziers

This week we head back into indie music with the alternative London-based band, The Fraziers.

This is the first page on this site in quite a while where it looks like someone actually took the time to write a biography up, so we’ll actually know something about this band. They are a four-piece set, “enfusing sexy power vocals with catchy guitar riffs, groovy bass, and punchy drum beats.” To top it all off, this will apparently show us a mix of avant-garde and retro, something I wasn’t entirely sure was possible.

They’ve got one EP under their belts, and another one already in the making. With a background in the industry that seems to really cover every aspect along the recorded and live streams, they have an understanding of things it seems, that some other acts here have been lacking.

There’s a link to an event on their page from months back, but I’m at least left with hope that something else may pop up on there… eventually. Their Facebook page is a little more up to date, with a few hundred followers and a gig as recently as August. The MySpace is much more polished, more songs to listen to. Twitter, sadly, hasn’t been posted to since January. Their website link goes right to the Facebook page again.

Now, the important this: the music. One song is there. ONE. Ugh, come on. “Whatever” is the only song we’re going to get to hear on this site. Pretty normal, great rockin’ beat to start. Oh sick, a female lead voice – always a fan of a chick that can bring it to the mic. There’s some border-line whining moments, but overall the songs pretty great. It’s reminiscent of some good punk stuff, but polished – and oddly that works.

I dig the little bit I’m hearing. This band’s got some great chops to be playing the London music scene, and I do hope they’re making it work out there. If I ever manage to make it across the pond, I think this is on the must-see list of shows (provided I can find an updated gig list…)


This article was written by Janelle Hawkes.
Read more reviews on Janelle’s site: Ears Like A Hawke: hawkeears.weebly.com.

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