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16th Nov

DJ Michurinn - Artist Review


Artist Review: DJ Michurinn


After not having electricity all of last week, every time I see anything remotely close to this, I have to go: “It’s electric! Boogie woogie woogie.” That’s right folks, we’re heading back in to electronic music this week.

Taking a look at the WLYS page first, we learn that this is a DJ and Producer from Russia, though one who’s in the Russian and European scenes. His picture is also more like a Facebook profile pic than a promo pic, or even an album cover, but maybe I’m wrong.

This artist is all about experimentation and being different. There’s not necessarily going to be a direction with this music, so I shouldn’t be hoping for some consistency I suppose.

Other sites listed: Facebook – works! But is called Oleg Karpov. Twitter: broken link. Website: odd, but works, and includes MUCH more music. MySpace: just takes you to the MySpace homepage. Last FM: about the same as WLYS.

One song to judge them all – here we go with “Let’s Go To Night.” Of course the moment that I actually want to listen, my computer goes glitch-y and completely in and out throughout the song. When it does finally buffer, we get something with a touch of trance, and just enough of a beat to feel within. There are clicks and weird clatters throughout, but it’s not bad at all. Actually, I could see this as awesome backing music to a commercial, or maybe even an odd enough movie. I’ll have to keep this in mind for future supervision projects.

Overall, I am left wanting more. But what we got was a quick glimpse into someone who seems to have his own mind and, thus, sound. I’d like to hear more, and that’s saying a lot for a 15-minute quick glimpse into an artist. First impressions matter folks!

Article written by Janelle Hawkes. Check out other album reviews at Janelle's site, http://hawkeears.weebly.com .

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