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7th Nov

420Shot30 - Artist Review




After a few weeks off to take care of some personal stuff, I am back and ready to hear some good music!

We're kicking things back off in the ROCK category, a personal favorite, with a band from right here in the good old USA.

Let's start off by getting to know the band. Just from their WLYS page, they boast of touring with Hinder, Trapt, and Rev Theory all notable and really great modern  rockers. They've got a few reviews and quotes, though it's not really well organized on the screen but still, this seems like a band that's been heard.

Looking at their other sites' the Facebook either doesn't work or doesn't exist. Same deal with the Twitter. The MySpace does though! (See, I keep telling people that site is still useful for new music.) They've got four songs up on this site though, and only one on WLYS. Yeah, it awesome that there's more here, but I wish it were accessible more  places. The bio's also a lot more quotes from reviewers. Very cool to read good stuff, but who are you guys? This MySpace page also serves as the band's primary website.

So turning to the music, we get exactly one song here: Magic Woman. It's heavy and rocking, and very much in the same vein of the bands they've toured with. The  overlapping of vocals is nothing short of trippy. The tone remains intense the entire time, never letting us have a breath of air to process what's going on, as the breathy vocals continue into the chorus. It's tough, listening to someone whisper/growl their words out.

The band's one of those middle-of-the-road acts for me. They have all right music, with mediocre pages displaying it. They don't leave me wanting more, but they don't leave  me regretting the experience either.

Article written by Janelle Hawkes. Read more reviews, including full-album listen-thrus, on Janelle's site: Ears Like A Hawke: hawkeears.weebley.com.

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