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29th Oct

BOA - Artist Review


BOA pic


After last review, new personal rule: I’m only writing about artists that give a darn about their pages and actually give me something to work with. I want to bring y’all new artists that are really working at this thing we call music. That said, it took me six different pages to finally find BOA. This band took time to put in a bio that emphasized who they actually are and why we should care, as well as posted two songs that seem to have curried some favor.

This is a pop group (in the “Other” category) from Gothenburg, Sweden. Things started to come together when brothers Botond and Attila Bokor grabbed guitars ona  night their cousin Orsi Toro came to visit. Between the fun and good creativity flowing, it seems a band came about. Along with William Seidl on drums and Olof Gadd on bass, they are said to have their very of flair.

“Push” is the first of the two songs, and it’s quite current pop. Yah know, that pop we get with a little electronic sound mixed in during production. Despite the intense picture, the music seems light and pretty sweet sounding. The way the words are wrapped throughout are interesting to an American ear, as pronunciation is a little different. As I’m trying to interpret a little, it sort of sounds like a raunchy song, but maybe I’m just not hearing things right. Regardless, thing 90’s Natalie Imbruglia meets Foster the People, and you might get it.

The other song option we get on here is “Vegabond.” I sort of zoned out a little because the beat was so steady and pumping. In a louder place, this would have been an incredible listen. The bass has got some intense energy and the lyrics are simple and primed for the dance floor. I really love where this is going, and am wishing I was somewhere else with far more energy for it.

This band kept their page relatively simple, but gave just enough info and just a little sampling to get the idea. They’ve done what they needed to - made me want to come back for more.

Article written by Janelle Hawkes. You can check out other album reviews at Janelle's site, http://hawkeears.weebly.com .

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