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20th Jan

What's Included in our Prizes?


Since we have received a couple of emails from you guys asking what was exactly included in the prizes we are offering for the Best New Unsigned Artist and Best New Song competitions on WeLoveYourSongs, we have decided to put here all the details for everyone. In case of any doubts please feel free do drop us an email !

The total amount of the prize is £1000 (approx. $1600, €1200) to be divided between the 2 winners.

In addition, a Suite of uPlaya’s Premium Services will be awarded to the winners of both the competitions.

£ 500 will be awarded to the most voted artist and another £ 500 to the most voted songs during the period of the competitions. This prize, have to be claimed from the winner within 21 days by the end of the competition, and it will be then paid within seven days from the claiming date.

The Suite of uPlaya’s Premium Services, offered by Music Intelligent Solutions Inc (uPLaya.com), is comprehensive of:

• Hit Song Science Analysis/Score for 17 uploads

• uPlaya’s global digital marketing widgets for those 17 songs uploads. Marketing tools can be efficiently distributed to nearly 300 sharing sites and contain lots of useful information about the artist’s music.

• uPlaya Press Kit, which is fully-customizable with biographies, photographs, album information, press clippings, music videos, show dates and more.

• Premium functionality of the uPlaya marketing tools. This includes the ability to feature four songs in a Featured Song Player on the uPlaya® Press Kit.

• Access to newsletter features that enable the artist to more easily build and maintain relationships with fans.

• 15 Contest tickes good for use in any uPlaya Contest or Talent Search.

• Ability to place music in uPlaya’s Hit Song Game, a music discovery application on Facebook.

• Because artist is able to enter more music in uPlaya’s Music Universe, you will increase your chances of being considered for special promotions and offers.

• Increased statistical feedback from the marketing tools, which will enable artist to study consumer behavior as it relates to their music.

• Guaranteed exposure on the uPlaya® Blog and Social Networks as the winner of the We Love Your Songs contests.

Remember that the contests will end the 10th February 2011, if you have not already registered you can do that now! It's free and it takes just few seconds.

Good luck to you all guys!

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