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8th Oct

Cleo - Artist Review



cleo artist


This week we’re heading back into hip hop with an artist billed from the United States, but hailed (according to her bio) from St. Mary, Jamaica. This young lady’s name is Cleo.


Not too much on her artist page to speak of. The bio is only a paragraph long, bragging on her ability to represent every genre there is. I have to say, from listening experience, this is very, very difficult to both do and survive on. Unfortunately, niches are there for a reason.


There’s only one song on this page. That song is “Fallen High.” It starts off with an eerie set of Halloween-esq notes. Seriously, the whole first 30 seconds to a minute sound like something from a Halloween/Video Game Disney Channel movie. Lines are repeated in different ways (I guess this is where we get the different genres). The ‘rap’ attempt here drags and is tough to grasp onto as the rhythm and approaches change just as you start to settle into the song somehow. Eventually, things sort of start to find some sort of regularity and familiarity throughout sections, and it’s... well, I guess it’s sort of enjoyable. It’s odd, but I have to say I don’t entirely hate it by the time we’re closing out the track.


Her Facebook link doesn’t work. Her Twitter hasn’t been updated since March.


Why did I continue with this review? Well, for one, one song on a page makes for an easy, quick review, and I just got out of a 14 hour work day and really want to go to sleep, but want to make my deadline.


Also though, I think it’s important, sometimes, to highlight pages with examples of what not to do here. This site gives an opportunity to showcase some very good artists, and their listing method is fantastic - those shown are randomly generated every time you visit the “Browse Artists” page, which is how I find my review artists.


The best way to take advantage of this site is to make your page worth spending some time on. While I am so happy to hit the hay right now, I’m not going to remember the artist that I tried to enjoy this evening.


Or maybe, the real lesson here is that WLYS should take down pages that haven’t been updated in 6 months or so. 


Regardless, this was a quick, sad little review that I will try to avoid next week. Cleo, wherever you are, please update your page so I can hear and (hopefully) enjoy more!!



Article written by Janelle Hawkes. You can check out other album reviews at Janelle's site, http://hawkeears.weebly.com .

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