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24th Sep

M Zelle - Artist Review




One of the things, if not the thing I love most about WeLoveYourSongs is that it appreciates the changing industry. People because stars, or at least release their music, directly from their bedrooms, through their computer screens. There’s a whole new meaning brought to “Independent” when you’re literally doing things independently.

M Zelle most definitely has the at-home look to her picture, so I’m interested to hear how her songs measure up.

While her bio tells us she mostly does instrumental tracks, the first track available, “Catch Me Down” appears to be one of the exceptions, and includes lyrics. There’s parts of this that are amazing (mostly instrumentally), and parts that grind just oddly enough on the nerves. I think it’s just the way the vocals are mixed - the chords don’t hit in any sort of pleasing way for a moment here and there. For the most part though, I sort of like this crazy mix of styles she’s got going on.

“Change” is next up, and this time we even get a note that there will be lyrics! The pano playing in is actually really nice - this sounds like something I would have created in my music tech class in college. Sure, everything sounds entirely pumped through a computer, but we’re all about making it work for ourselves right now, right? Oh man, this one is rough though. It’s just lacking some sort of dynamic to draw us in to what does sound like a very thought-provoking song.

A sweet rock riff gets us excited for “Dark Horse Run.” This is an awesome track in that it doesn’t rely on some canned, clearly electronic sound - it takes risks with very classic rock sounds in a less-than-classic setting for them. This one also lacks lyrics, so there’s something drawing us to pay attention closer here. The song still tells a story, but the forced idea of making it up yourself and really feeling the music changes the whole experience.

“Azure Sea” starts off with this weird basement guitar-picking sound, like she’s just playing around. When it goes into the real song, this has the makings of great film background music, at least for a commercial or entrance to a scene. It’s different compared to the others, and just creates its own atmosphere.

The last song available for listen here is “Change” again, but I believe this time without lyrics (hence the lack of note with the title). It’s a bit better without the lyrics, but so much still seems canned and stale coming through a computer generated sound. Think a poor karaoke track. It’s not the best note to end on, but is an easy reminder that there were some really great moments here.

I have to say, the things this girl pulls off instrumentally and through what I would imagine is a home system are really cool. She definitely puts a ton of work in, and I’d love to see what other sort of magic she can make happen with so little!

Article written by Janelle Hawkes. You can check out more track-by-track album reviews at Janelle's site, http://hawkeears.weebly.com .

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