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14th Sep

Spurt - Artist Review




We’re back into Electronic this week!

I started listening to Spurt before I knew who she was - mostly because it’s easier to get other things done while listening than researching. *sigh* I need more hours in the day, please.

The quick intro is that she’s a female rapper who does all of this crazy music biz on her own. She’s from... Botswana? Wow. And her genre list includes: Hip-Hop, Rap, Electronica/Dance. Crossing genres in one swoop is difficult, but always interesting. Let’s see how she handles it.

“Life” is sort of interesting at the start. It sounds like Spurt probably recorded herself once and layered herself at some different pitches to make this happen - but this is electronic after all. The rapping’s pretty impressive, though the chorus is a little harder to get through. Melodies are tough to get just right in rap songs, but this is a good attempt. It’s a more personal song, which can only help a rapper (or at least so I’ve seen).

The second song is “Up,” complete with a very old-school beatbox. Something will always remain cool about that sound. The message itself is very clear: you either go up in life or stay down. A simple message makes for a simple to comprehend chorus - key to so many rap songs. The verses hold the story that inspired it, and the chorus is the lesson. Everyone get it? Spurt sure does.

“My Gift” touches on that electronic side just a little bit more than the others at the start, though that just provides a backing for the rest. Note: using a computer to record doesn’t make a song electronica. Just saying. These songs are rap. That’s not a bad thing mind you - she’s sure as hell talented both vocally as well as in production. Anyone who can seemingly keep up with Jay-Z is pretty impressive in my mind. The only turn off here is the slightly brag about how good she is, but I also support believing in yourself, so... sure.

Fourth song is up - “Confusion.” Yeah, it’s a good description. The mix is sort of weird to the ears. The noises used are a little harsh and don’t meld entirely well. She keeps at it though, and oddly, I have to say that the melody of the rap is better than the rest of the support in the track. It’s so odd to look forward to the verses so much throughout the chorus.

“Alone” is the last song. Joy - distorted at the start. Come on. Okay, okay, it picks up and she gets back to doing what she does best again. If you haven’t seen/heard K-Flay, check out the white version of Spurt with an awesome drum backing. Spurt’s got some great stuff going on here though! She moves through those words like butter. I’m a little over listening to every song about her (makes it hard to relate), but at least she sounds good doing it.

Overall, really a cool listen. I haven’t heard a new female rap artist in a while, and this was a great re-intro. Spurt’s music is something to be proud of, and I’d be interested in seeing her branch out and do more and different stuff as she develops her debut album.

Article written by Janelle Hawkes. You can check out a track-by-track breakdown of this and other albums at Janelle's site, http://hawkeears.weebly.com .

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