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7th Sep

Nobody Gets Killed - Artist Review


nobody gets killed


We’re back to Rock this week, and this was the first artist that popped up for me in the category. Low-and-behold, they have music, info, and appearances (all be them listed for 2011) on their page. This is how to do it right people!!

There’s lots of descriptive words here, including phrases like “soulful voice,” “inspired melodies,” and “cadenced flow.”  Their music is further described as having “head bobbing beats” and being a “synergistic dance of melody and rhythm.” Description-wise alone, they’re already someone I want to listen to.

Whoa, but wait - they are no longer Nobody Gets Killed. If you click on their Facebook page, we’re alerted that they are now In Air. Well, In Air, you don’t have a WLYS page, so I’ll be focusing on your (I suppose) earlier music to get a sense of you as a whole.

“Did I” is the first song available for listen, and it’s definitely got those pop melodies with a rock feel, much like many of my favorite bands. The beat is steady, but has a great feel to rock to in a crowd. “Wasted” is the following song, which is a little more raw, slightly with a more basement-recording feel. The scene is definitely darker and more introspective for this one, even if the band is feeling the song just as much. The blend of steady hitting and the scratching guitar are really intriguing.

We move on to the song “Blind & Naked.” These three songs are all from the album/EP titled “Demo,” so naturally I’m assuming this was for a demo. This particular one sounds highly computer-mixed, by which I mean that the instruments sound canned, not like they are even being played in a room. On a positive note though, it gives the song a cleaner sound than the rest, and for an un-prone-to-details ear like mine, it’d be an easily enjoyable, deep song.

“Shortwave” starts the two track from Just A Seed. Radio scratch leading in, and a piano and acoustic guitar take up the lead. The song is much cleaner sounding, without the canned feeling, than the previous ones. The lyrics remain thoughtful, and the music displays some angst that provides much more connection to a track. The last song on here, “Another Day Late,” slows things down with a western/country sounding guitar leading in, seemingly for an acoustic song. It’s a great album ender, forcing the listener to hunker down for one more effective track for their ears.

Like I said, the band goes under another name now, so I had to go out and listen to that too. While the new stuff is a bit more polished, the sound and connection is still the same. All-in-all? I’d say follow them on over. These guys certainly have something to share with the musical world, no matter the moniker!

Article written by Janelle Hawkes. You can check out a track-by-track breakdown of this and other albums at Janelle's site, http://hawkeears.weebly.com .

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