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28th Aug

Artist Review: King Loverr


king loverr


I'm on week 5 of my adventures with WeLoveYourSongs' artists, and that means I've made it to the last category on the page - OTHER!

As a first, I'm taking on an American artist. This one, King Loverr (growl that 'r') is from South Carolina (one of the lovely states I have yet to venture to) and is an R&B artist. His bio claims that if you type his name into Google, he?s everywhere - and that's actually pretty damn correct. He's got himself connected in all forms of social media and takes up the entire first page of search results, as any good artist should. His description continues on to tout his many page views (don't waste time on this - tell me why I should view your pages - not who already has).

Apparently he's “made for romantic ballads,” so let's see how he appeals to a single girl, shall we?

“Baby Come To Me” shows, immediately, his deep voice. It?s definitely a smooth jam, with a slight chorus in the background, and a sax slightly carrying its own melody. It only plays for a brief bit off of the site though, and just when you think you could get into it, things come to a screeching halt. Onto the next one, I suppose.

That next one is “Somebody Loves You.” The beat is just slightly picked up from comatose, and I get what the music is meant for. I have to say though, the vocals are not on pitch. The voice is too deep in too many spots, thought the potential is clearly there. The higher echo voice out in the back that sounds like it's through a computer is out of place, and once again, it\s cut off. I guess these are literally “Sexy Snippets” as the album name implies.

“I'm What You Need” takes another really nice attempt at seduction. Again, something's slightly off. It sounds like this voice has been distorted a bit through some filters. Before I can figure it out though, the snippet is over. “Ribbon In The Sky” takes the tone even farther down, making me feel like we?re being dragged through a warped album. Change the pitch, and we?ve got some great sexy slow jams going, but right now, this is just lost on.

Article written by Janelle Hawkes. You can check out a track-by-track breakdown of this and other albums at Janelle's site, http://hawkeears.weebly.com .

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