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1st Aug

How To Contact Media Personnel Part 1 - Music Writers


Behind The Music


The most common mistake people make is to write a generic invitation and blast it to everyone on a list.  The problem with this is that you haven’t set yourself apart from the hundreds of other people that are doing the exact same thing.  You might get some media coverage using this approach, but you will be a lot more effective if you personalize the invitation.

Personalizing has been a lot more effective for me and I’ve been able to land some great articles, whereas e-mail blasts have usually gotten me a small listing in the “Events” section at best.  Here is a list of steps I use:

1.    Write down the basic information of the event.  Date, Time, Place, Price, and a Description
2.    Find writers and link your event to what they’ve written about in the past
3.    Write a template with the basic information
4.    Write a personalized header

Here is a sample:

Dear Mr. or Ms. WRITER NAME,

Hello, I read your article in PUBLICATION about BAND A and BAND B.  Since you are interested in GENRE OF MUSIC, we thought you might be interested in coming to our event on DATE AND TIME.  This is how we are similar to BAND A and BAND B, and this is how we are different.  If you’re able to come, let me know and I’ll put you on our guest list.


Best regards,


Next week I’ll have different examples of letters and talk about the situations in which you might use them.

Photo credit: Wikipedia. Article by Isaku Kageyama.

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