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27th Jul

Leaving Richmond - Artist Review



For the first time in quite a while, I'm having trouble finding an artist on Spotify. Granted, this is a site that specializes in Indie artists (which i love), and given the mainstream growth of Spotify, it's hard to find the unsigned on the program. Nonetheless, we will push through and learn what we can about an Electro band, Leaving Richmond.

A 2007 New York Creation, Leaving Richmond now calls Los Angeles home instead. The description speaks of "rich ambient soundscapes, emotional melodies, and intricate acoustic and electric guitar work." As well as informing us that everything written is "underscored by electronic production and grooves." Any Swim Fans out there may have heard this sound throughout the programming as well. I can tell you, I'm almost positive I've heard "What Were We Waiting For" during an Adult Swim bumper. The sound's very regularly paced and light-hearted - perfect for those spots.

This sound is incredible actually, especially as this particular song builds. The description is absolutely accurate, and the use of guitars like this is something I never would have expected in an electronic composition.

A little further research on the web gives us the names involved: Jordan Pier on guitar, keyboards, and production, and Adam Sanborne on beats and production. The only band I've heard of off of any 'sounds like' list is Explosions in the Sky, and with good reason - this sound is very different. It's like a jam band finally learned how to use a computer program properly. "Slow to Exhale" is a little more electronically focused with the guitar treatments, utilizing layering in a really cool way. There's enough ambiance in the background to still fit the 'chill' vibe they're looking for, but maintain this sweet sound.

The last song available on the band's page is "And Now We Stand Up," and if I hadn't known any better I would have thought we were entering into a soft rock song instead of something every produced by machine. This is definitely the kind of thing that doesn't require active listening, but is enjoyable nonetheless. It's those moments when you suddenly realize you're lost in listening that actually make some music even more amazing.

To my readers: you've got to get to their page and let some of these songs play while you surf the net. I haven't heard much non-lyrical music ever that makes me feel nearly as much as this does. My heart strings are tugged, my mind's invested, and my soul feels sort of freed by this music.

To the band: I would love to get my hands on more music of yours!! Please keep this going!


Article written by Janelle Hawkes. You can check out a track-by-track breakdown of this and other albums at Janelle's site, http://hawkeears.weebly.com

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