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23rd Jul

Time To Think About SEO


English: seo block


If you have a website, try searching for words and phrases in Google, and see where your website ends up in the search results.  For example, if you’re a rock band, try searching for “rock band” and see what number your website shows up in the search results.  This is depending on your website Page Rank, and the higher up, the more traffic you will be getting.

There are ways to get you a higher Page Rank, and this is called Search Engine Optimization, or SEO.  I’ve personally tried a few DIY methods but it hasn’t really improved my Page Rank all that much, and I’m thinking of hiring a professional.

In order to get the maximum results without spending an arm and a leg, I need to focus on a few key phrases.  I can use Google Adsense to find out which phrases have large search volumes and low competition.  I would hire a SEO expert to get me the no.1 Page Rank for something like “rock band LA” as opposed to just “rock band.

Article by Isaku Kageyama.

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