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20th Jul

Bad Jokes - ...just a matter of time Album Review



When I was asked to write my first WeLoveYourSongs article, I was lost as to where to start. There are so many bands on this site, and surely if I picked one I would somehow be missing out on something possibly even better. But since you have to start somewhere, I went the to rock genre section and clicked on the first band I saw - in enter to my life Bad Jokes.

What brought me to this band? Possibly fate - I was raised by a pure-blooded Italian family. The name's also intriguing. And hey, that bright orange in the background of the album cover does sort of draw you in. Whatever it was, Claudio, Dino, and Marco drew me in and kept me interested throughout the album, in one way or another.

Research on a few sites compares the group's sound to Coldplay, Maroon 5, and Paul McCartney. I?m going to go ahead and give them that, for the most part, and throw in a little Backstreet Boys and Daughtry as well. The songs vary from track-to-track as to where exactly in the genre spectrum they lie.

We start things off with a great pop rock song in “World Keep Tumblin' Down, ”which got me completely excited for the rest of the album. This sound was not maintained right away, or at least not throughout each and every track. I was so grateful to hear it come back in other tracks, including “Stay Tonight,” “The End,” and the final track, “Belinda - Reprise.” There is a good band in there, really knowing how to hit it hard with the music and the lyrics, certainly tugging on this girl's heart.

There were other songs that confused me as to their place though. The band takes a very 90's-boy-band-esq sound for tracks like “One More Chance” and “Beautiful Girl.” the group definitely shows off their unique harmonies, but after that initial journey into such a great rock mode, I was confused.

Then there were moments that threw me off completely, both in good and bad ways. The bad? Well, there was this odd blues rhythm that started up for “Call Your Name,” which was exciting at first, but went way off-base once the vocals came in. The music and the vocals just did not mesh, even for a moment. The good, well, that came with what I can only describe as the sleeper hit of the album - a song with the great old standard sound, almost like a younger Michael Buble, in “Deep In Your Soul.” While I didn't hear a single thing like it on the rest of the album, this one stood out as an incredible piece.

It's beyond difficult for a band to really break-out, so any chance to be heard is a good one. These guys present a variety of listening options throughout this album, and while it's not all for some people, they do sort of touch on what everyone would want to hear at one point or another. Sure, it'd be nice to be able to niche them in somewhere in particular, but for one go-around, this is not necessarily a bad thing. Overall, I'm thankful for the chance to hear this whole thing, and could really see some incredible shining moments that could prove to give this band a really bright future.

Article written by Janelle Hawkes. You can check out a track-by-track breakdown of this and other albums at Janelle's site, http://hawkeears.weebly.com

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