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10th Jan

Who will be at the top of the table?

One month from the end of both the competitions on WeLoveYourSongs and we are really excited to see who will be at the top at the end!
What’s your take? Who will be named as Best Unsigned Artist the 10th of February at the end of the contest? 
Will the winner be the pop rock of the Tyrannosaurus Grace or the folk music of Rooster? Is Mark Marshall with his “Let it Go” your pick? Or maybe you prefer the pop music of Biba Coritsa? The acoustic rock of Paul Ferland or the Seattle’s rock of the Roman Holiday?
There is still a month of voting and there is room for some big changes in the ranking. The winner at the end could be someone that now is not even in the first 100 artists.
Below here the Top 10 most voted artists for the Best Unsigned Artists competition:

1st  Tyrannosaurus Grace

2nd Roman Holiday

3rd  Alin

4th  Mark Marshall

5th  Rooster

6th  Paul Ferland

7th  Adel

8th  The Higharts

9th  Biba Coritsa

10th Dream Reaper


Take a look around on weloveyoursongs.com and vote your favorite ones!
The site is now really full of talented unsigned artists that are just there to be discovered, listened and voted!

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