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15th Jul

Interview with Jeff Liberty


Bastard Town EP - JEFF LIBERTY


Jeff Liberty introduces us to his brand new EP.


Describe your style of music!

It's always hard to describe your music, but by categorizing it people have a better understanding of who you are. I certainly am influenced by pop music and music on the fringe... I'd describe it as Outsider Pop.

What inspired you to sing the way that you do?

Well my voice and it's colour and tone is what a higher power has given me.. It is what it is.. I guess inspiring vocalist for me have been Johnny Cash, Stephin Merritt of The Magnetic Fields and Roland Orzabal of Tears For Fears.

What equipment do you use?

Most of the songs I record at my friends Grant Heckman's studio we affectionately call The Bunker in beautiful Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. The Bunker has an English Allen and Heath soundboard. Grant also co-produced the "Bastard Town EP" with me.. Babette Hayward who co-wrote the original "Bastard Town" with me also has a producer credit for what we recorded in her basement. For demo's at home I have a Tascam 4 track portastudio!

What has it been like to be on WeLoveYourSongs?

I am new to the WeLoveYourSongs community, but I am loving it! It's home to some wonderfully talented unsigned artists and fans committed to promoting some of the best independent music today!

What advice could you give to other aspiring musicians?

Allthough I make a living in the music business I do it as a artist manager and music columnist. Check out www.jlartists.com .
My own music is all about self expression and therapy. My advise to any aspiring musicians would be to do what you love with passion, honesty and knowledge. Others will follow if what you do is REALl! Build a team around you of true believer's and be pro-active! It's not just going to fall in your lap!

What is your new song about?

My new song "Madeleine" off the "Bastard Town EP" was written by myself and good friend Dann Downes. I'm adopted and I began a search for my birth Mother Madeleine Dugas a couple years ago. I found out her name and other important info through the Children's Aid Society in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The song is the story of what I learned about who she was and my journey to find her. I actually found her not to long ago and met her for the first time after over 40 years. It was and continues to be an overwhelming Life experince.. The story is still unfolding. You can listen and vote for the song on the We Love Your Songs website. It's also on Itunes..

Who would you most like to gig with?

Well I don't really like to gig! Although I have dreamed about this very question often.. My tastes are really eclectic to say the least. My Top three would be George Michael, Prefab Sprout and Daniel Johnston.


Interview by Tim Knight.  You can find the original version of the article on the Amaze Magazine of July - http://issuu.com/5ways/docs/julyedition

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