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6th Jul

Is Your Website Working For You?


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Here is an exercise you can do to see if your website is working for you.

You will need to know:

1.    How much does your website cost?  Designer fees, server fees, etc.
2.    How much traffic does your website generate per month?  Visits and page views
3.    How many albums did you sell per month on the internet?
4.    How many gigs did you get as a result of people finding your website?

The first question you might ask yourself is “Does more traffic mean more album sales?”  Compare your monthly website traffic with your monthly album sales and see if more traffic leads to more album sales.

Another question you might ask is “Is my website generating gigs?”  This is a little harder to answer but if you’re getting e-mails asking about your availability, or if clients tell you they saw your website, that’s a pretty good indication that your website is working for you.

If the answers to both these question is yes, great.  Your website is obviously working for you, so work on driving more traffic, and that will generate more album sales and gigs.

But what if the answer is no?  In that case, you can look at how much your website costs, and adjust the budget so that you only spend as much as it generates.  It doesn't make sense to spend $500 per year on a website if it only generates $200.  You should only be spending $200, so maybe you should design the website yourself.

Another possibility is that your website isn’t working because it’s not generating enough traffic.  You might look into building an internet marketing strategy or even advertising and see if this helps.  Or, maybe it’s not working because the site isn’t very user-friendly.  Perhaps investing in a professional designer would help.

These are some of the things you can do to visualize whether or not your website is working.  That way you can make the necessary adjustments to move your career forward.


Article by Isaku Kageyama.


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