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23rd Jun

The Sherlock's Dead Are The Winners


sherlock's dead


The Sherlock's Dead, a fresh unsigned indie rock band from Hackney, London, won the Spring edition of both Best New Song and Best New Unsigned Artist competitions with a song called The End of Tomorrow.

For those interested to know more about them, is possible to read a great interview on our blog and listen to some good music on their WeLoveYourSongs band page.

Once asked if there was something they would like to say to comment their victory this is what they told us:

"At first glance we never thought we could win a competition like this, but with all the hard work of our fans we have and for that we'd like to thank them. We'd also like to thank WeLoveYourSongs and all the companies involved for supporting unsigned artists such as ourselves. The experience has been immense"

In the second place of the Best New Unsigned Artist contest, we have for the second time in a row, Milos Vukomanovic, with his acoustic rock music from Belgrade, Serbia, followed by Kane, a talented rapper from Ottawa, US!

Thanks very much once again to all the fantastic people that have participated and our amazing partners for the great support to make this possible.
Keep this blog checked to stay updated with the news from our community, to have more details about the new competitions and to discover our plans for the future. Exciting news will be announced sometime soon!


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