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13th Jun

Are You Keeping Good Data?


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A promoter calls you to play a music festival.  How much do you ask for in fees?  You’re about to release a new CD.  How much do you price it at?  These are some of the questions you should be able to accurately answer if you’ve been keeping good data.

A lot of musicians live under the false hope that someday they will get their “big break.”  Someday Dr. Dre will hear their demo, and turn them into the next Eminem.  Well, that might happen, but your chances will be a lot better if you keep good data that supports your claim to being a good investment.

If you were an agent or a manager, wouldn’t you want to work with the artist that is going to make you the most money?  If you can tell agents and managers, who are your potential investors, that you’re going somewhere (YouTube views, Facebook Likes, Website hits, CD sales) and that you have good business acumen (how you’re going to grow revenue) you have a much better chance of getting them on board.

Article by Isaku Kageyama.

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