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7th Jun

Looking for Musical Inspiration


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It’s paramount to feed your creative side before attempting to write any new music. But sometimes you’re on a deadline. Whether it be pressure from band mates, an upcoming show you want to debut new music or (hopefully soon!) requests from a record company after you sign a contract, sometimes you have to create new music quicker than would come naturally to you. So how do you do it?

The first response of most writers is to focus on relationships. Whether it’s a crush from afar, full blown love, or an emotional breakup, most songs are about some form of romantic relationships. But get creative and take it one step further. Some musicians have written successful songs about the love they feel for their children, for instance “When I’m Sixty-Four” by the Beatles or “Isn’t she Lovely” by Stevie Wonder.  R&B legends Boy II Men had a hit with a song written for their mom “A Song for Mama”.

Also, try to write a song about a particular place that brings strong feelings. “Carolina in My Mind” by James Taylor is a great example. And imagine how stoked the home crowd will be when you sing about their favorite place!  Don’t feel obligated to write about a big city like New York or San Francisco to get audience relation. Adele wrote “Hometown Glory” about West Norwood, but has received a lot of praise for it outside of her local British fans.

Nature can also be a great inspiration. Inspiration comes from all around us and sitting in a park or on the beach might the perfect place to not only rouse your inspiration, but recognize it when it comes. Consider the classic John Denver song “Rocky Mountain High”. Even if being in nature doesn’t bring you to think of a song about the natural world, it will probably clear your thoughts enough to write a song about something else.

Lastly, consider writing about a certain event.  In recent years, songs that can be played at graduations or commencement ceremonies like Green Day’s “Time of Your Life” and Vitamin C’s “Friends Forever” have met huge success. These songs have a guaranteed following by people experiencing similar life changes, or people putting together video montages.

Most importantly, stay true to yourself and your music. Exhaust all your resources and ideas to produce music you’re proud of.  If you do that, a great song is sure to follow.

Article written by Chelsey Fox.

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