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28th May

Your Calling Into Music


Your Call into Music


When did you know music was what you were going to do with your life? Did you grow up singing songs in front of your family? Maybe as you got older, you were particularly touched by a certain music genre. For some, an especially traumatic or life changing event leaves them wanting an emotional outlet.

Singer/songwriting legend Stevie Knicks has said her parents gave her a classical guitar for her 16th birthday and she began writing songs afterwards. That experience led her to the realization writing songs and singing them to people was her calling.

Adele has said that around the age of four she became “obsessed with voices” and starting singing in different tunes. Singing eventually became a creative expression for numerous family and relationship heartbreaks for her.

Kurt Cobain, Nirvana’s lead singer-songwriter, was born into a musical family. Several of his aunts and uncles were also in bands and singers. He began singing when he was two years old, and by four he started playing piano and was singing songs he had written about their trips to the park.

Not everyone knows as a child that music is for them. Maybe you’re still waiting for your true musical calling. Or maybe music isn’t your life’s work, just a hobby. For many, music doesn’t pay the bills it’s just a passion for their free time. All of that is okay! People fall anywhere from enjoying certain musical styles to devoting their entire life to their singing, song writing, and instrument playing. As long as it brings joy to your life, allow music into your life as little or as much as you want.

Article written by Chelsey Fox.

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