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23rd May

WLYS at HTML5Dev conference in San Francisco


html5devconf stackmob

Photo:  Dinner Social at StackMob (www.stackmob.com) in San Francisco  after HTML5DevConf.

WLYS joined the hundreds of technology innovators at HTML5Dev conference (http://html5devconf.com/) in San Francisco. While we all wanted to learn about the latest and greatest tools and best practices of HTML5, the excitement throughout the day was simply startup-buzz.  Really!  Almost everyone I met were either founders, developers, designers or marketing functions from startups around the world. 

There were speakers from Microsoft, Adobe, Google, and a few big guys.  But the thrill was to tell the world about what we created, see what our peers were working on, figuring out how we’re different and how to partner, finding new potential users/customers…and be inspired or inspire others.  For WLYS, we’re on that ride, too, to inspire future artists with the opportunity to reach out to the world with their music. 

Rock on, San Francisco and the world of startups!

By Hoa Tran


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