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21st May

New Interview: The Starkers


The Milkmen


The Starkers are a fresh indie rock trio of musicians joined together to bring a new sharp edge to music. The band is from Swindon and is preparing for their first gig on June 9th in their hometown.

1. Hello The Starkers, tell us all about yourselves and how you got together.

Toryn: Well we've all been in different various bands before and known each other for a while through friends of friends. I contacted Callum (drums) about starting a little project and he was keen and up for it so we started throwing ideas at each other.. well not literally throwing but emailing each other song ideas n that!. We found it was working really well and toyed with the idea of gigging the material and writing more.... I knew Darren (bass) for about 3 years prior The Starkers as he was a sound engineer at most of the venues round Swindon. I knew he was a good musician and a good bloke so I contacted him asking him if he was up for a jam and see what happens... So we had a jam together and it really worked, things really clicked! So then The Starkers were born.

2. You guys have been together for a relatively short period of time and you are set for your debut gig on the 9th of June this year, tell us why people should be at that gig?

Toryn: Yeah we haven't been together long at all. Well Since February and recruited Darren in March... But things have come along sooo well! Things are flowing nicely and we have gradually got a full 30min set together. If I was to tempt people to come to our debut gig i'd say …. Come and have a laugh with us, we play music with balls and we will make this gig one to NOT forget.. So don't miss it...

3.What artists influences the band?

Toryn: Well individually we are inspired by loads of different bands which I think its good because it creates a better contrast. We are mainly inspired by bands like Nirvana, The Cribs, The Jam, The Clash, The Libertines... we get inspired by the attitude of those kind of bands... bands with a lot of passion and aggression and all contain the same punk ethic in my opinion.. all at points had a D.I.Y element to them. Something I think is missing BIGTIME in guitar music these days.

4.You have all been in different bands before, what made yous decide to come together and form The Starkers and do you think you brought any of your old band's style with you?

Callum: I have played with many bands, from jazz to metal. this means i could bring lots of different ties of drumming to the table of The Starkers.

Toryn: Been playing in different bands for the past 6 years.. previous band I was in was a punk band... I don't like to pigeon hole our music.. I like to think of our music as a big mixture of what we are all into. I'd be silly to say our music is unique because it isn't... What music is unique any more? BUT we put passion into our tunes and they have balls unlike most bands out there.

5. How are you finding weloveyoursongs.com so far?

Toryn: I have found it really useful so far and easy to use!! Its great to see people helping unsigned, underground bands!!

6. Future plans for The Starkers?

Toryn: WELL we are booking a lot of gigs right now for the summertime and hopefully plan to record our first 4 track EP in August, we plan to record it by ourselves which is by our choice because we think it would be a cool idea to record it together and make a raw first EP.

Callum: Gig,record, practice…

7. What do you think of the music industry these days? With so many manufactured acts around do you think there is a chance for unsigned musicians to succeed without changing things about their music style and other aspects of their image?

Callum: I think some bands are so mainstream theses days in what they do and are very similar to others in the respect in what they play and what they wear. its very hard to find a band now which are different, yet enjoyable to the public and record labels.

Toryn: I totally agree with what Callum says.. Also I think bands these days take stuff far too serious... I went to a gig the other night and one of the members looked more into the way he was dancing rather than what he was playing on guitar. . . I do think though there is still a chance for unsigned bands.. they just need to be more REAL and have more fun and dont be soo serious.

8. What does being a musician, really mean for you guys?

Music works in the same way as art does.. It gives us freedom to express ourselves AND on top of that to have a good laugh and enjoy everything we do.


Interview by Cooki C. You can follow her on Twitter at @CookyChipMusic

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