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18th May

Make, Go to Sleep, and Check Again Tomorrow!


musicians sleep deprivation


We’ve all been there. You’re working, creating a musical masterpiece no doubt, but the clock is ticking.  The solution is simple, down an energy drink and keep going. Nothing could be worse than breaking your creative flow, right? Fortunately for you sleep lovers, its pure illusion that decreasing the hours of sleep will increase your productivity.

Sleep is important to your mental and physical health for a number of reasons. For one, your attention span shortens.  Trying to go on a lack of sleep also attributes to the inability to accumulate knowledge, compromising your imagination and memory in the process.  Your band mates and friends probably won’t appreciate your irritability and difficulty concentrating either!

But it’s more than the negative aspect of missing sleep, there’s been numerous studies proving that REM sleep actually improves creativity.  Even an afternoon nap can improve your cognitive skills by up to 40%!  If you’re trying to write new lyrics, learn chords, or memorize a new set list, that boost can be exactly what you need.

This information is far from ground-breaking. In fact, many famous musicians have used this trick. Paul McCartney is quoted as saying the melody for the Beatles’ famous song “Yesterday” came to him in a dream.  Taking it a step further, Billy Joel has said the same for EVERY song he’s ever written. Not unique to music, famous authors like Stephen King and Marry Shelley literally dreamed up some of their most famous characters this way. 

If you’re anything like me, you can’t sleep all day and night waiting for an epiphany in your sleep. However, the mental state right before falling asleep is when all the clutter of the day washes away and you’re alone with your creativity. If you wrote a great song but can’t quite nail down the perfect title, try going over the lyrics in your head right before you drift to sleep.  You’ll be amazed at the artistic gems waiting just below your conscious level.

By Chelsey Fox.

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