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13th May

How can I record music on my computer for free?


Linux home recording studio
Home recording studio (Photo credit: wstryder)


To record music on your computer you don’t necessarily need an expensive music software program to do it.

There are a number of music software programs available on the Internet for Mac, PC and Linux, which allow you to record and edit your music tracks for free.

1. Audacity
Audacity runs on Mac, PC and Linux and has many of the features of the higher end audio programs, including effects, multi tracks and VST support.
If you have never used an audio editing program before, it can serve as a great introduction to the potential possible when recording your music on a computer. 
Audacity is generally favoured by podcasters and DJs due to its ease of editing.  It is also a fairly stable program, and is viewed as being one of the best free audio editing programs on the Internet.

2. Ardour
Ardour is available for Mac and Linux.  It is fully-fledged multi track recorder.  The program is free, but has certain limitations - if you decide not to donate.

3. Rosegarden
A Linux only DAW, that has full multi-track capabilities with audio and midi recording.

4. Traverso
Traverso is a simple and straightforward multi-track recorder available on Mac, PC & Linux.  It is well equipped for recording bands or multi tracking vocals.

By Chris Haines

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