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10th May

New Interview: The Milkmen


the milkmen


Three-piece acoustic groove rock never sounded better as 'The Milkmen' deliver powerful melodies and captivating lyrics, along with the occasional electric guitar.

They have been called a musical fusion of different styles, with influences ranging from 'Dave Matthews' to 'Kings of Leon'. They have Conor Mcloughlin fronting the band with his highly original style of guitar playing and amazing unique voice, 'The Milkmen' have something special going on that you would have never heard before.

They won 'Battle of the Bands' at Rockingham Hotel in 2009 and walked away with $15 000 in cash and prizes funding their latest album 'The Man with the Plan' which is now available for download on iTunes worldwide.

1. The Milkmen are returning to the UK in June, after spending the past 16 years in Australia, tell us what have you been up to there musically and why you decided to move there.

Frontman Conor Mcloughlin and bassist Elliot Careswell emigrated to Australia in 1998 and 1996 with their families. Drummer Jonathan Riviere traveled to Australia on a 5 year working visa in 2006. We formed the band as a project at music college in 2006. Since then we have recorded 2 albums, 2 Ep's and have been featured on 3 compilation albums. We have also placed first in 2 'Battle of the Bands' competitions.

2. In 2009 The Milkmen won the The Rockingham Hotel's Battle of the Bands and walked away with $15,000 in cash and prizes, did winning this competition and the money help you with your music career?

Winning the 'Rockingham Hotel Battle of the Bands' competition funded our latest album 'The Man with the Plan'. As well as the media exposure we received, the title of 'Battle of the Bands' winners helped raise our profile.

3. You are doing quite well in Australia so far why have The Milkmen decided to come to the UK instead of pursuing your fan base in Australia?

There are a few reasons for coming to the UK.

To reunite with our drummer Jonathan as his visa expired and had to return to France.

It was always in our plans as kids, even before the music started, that we would return home to England.

We feel that there are more opportunities for our music in UK, as Perth is a very isolated city.

4. How would you describe your music and what makes it different to all the other acts around nowadays?

Our music is for everyone, from young to old. Each of our songs has a different feel and mood. It is difficult to fit into one genre, although it has been best described as 'acoustic, groove, rock'.

What makes us stand out from other bands is the energy, emotion and uniqueness of frontman Conor Mcloughlin's vocals/songwriting as well as the rhythms and chord voicing of the acoustic guitar.

5. What do you love most about Weloveyoursongs.com and what new features would you like to see on the site?

We love the voting system, and the chat applications that weloveyourmusic.com have incorporated into their site making it an all round perfect music promotion tool for any band or artist. Connecting with fans is very important, feedback and constructive criticism can only improve an artist. The chat system is unlike any other musicians site we have seen. It really helps to know your audience. The voting system is a great idea, this will help the artist know which of their songs are most popular, but also automatically places the artist into a chart system and competition for each season, with great prizes to be won. And it's FREE!

Weloveyoursongs.com have thought of everything, they are very user friendly with an easy to use interface, the only thing we would like to see is more users.

6. You released your album 'The Man with the Plan' in 2010, what was the inspiration for that album?

We didn't write the album in a studio. 'The Man with the Plan' is a collection of songs chosen from our repertoire that were inspired by our personal life experiences.

7. Most memorable event while gigging?

Winning the 'Battle of the Bands' final. The buzz and the atmosphere of that night was MAD!

8. What do you think The Milkmen have to offer the UK music wise?

We offer original and honest music with captivating lyrics that anybody can relate to.

9. What are the future plans for The Milkmen?

We plan to establish a UK fan base and make a living do what we love.


Interview by Cooki C. You can follow her on Twitter at @CookychipMusic

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