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28th Apr

New Interview: Jonathan Fastborg


jonathan fastborg


I had the pleasure of speaking to Jonathan Fastborg recently. Mr. Fastborg is a 23 year old musician, from Umea, Sweden. He is a one man band and self-produced musician. From guitar to piano spreads an ongoing search for musical balance. For his own creative process Jonathan makes music that can´t be written or played out of thin air.

1. Mr. Jonathan Fastborg; interesting music; interesting name, tell us about both.

My birth name is Jonathan Fastborg so it was easy to put a name on something that I made from scratch. When you’re a part of the music and the music is a part of you then to labeling it something else would only create a distance between the two.

2. How long has your one man band been going on for now and how did you start out?

The process of creating songs has been going on for some five years. Initially I started with drums at age 17 and short after the interest for writing and composing songs grew.

3. There are millions of unsigned bands and artists trying to make it in the music business every day, how do you think you differ from these other artists?

I´ve questioned myself if I wanted to “run” my music like a company (with a lot of focus on making product that differ from others, in this case musicians). And I´d like to think that if the main focus lies on making the music you want the demand for it comes naturally. I think the best way of being different now days is to don´t give a shit about being different.

4. Name some musicians or people that have influenced you musically.

One person comes to mind. I have tremendous amount of respect for Trent Reznor, Nine Inch Nails. Both musically and the way he gets the changes in the music industry. And then the list goes on for every musician making his or her own music (band or artist).

5. How did you find out about weloveyoursongs.com?

I´ve been a member for a couple of weeks. And just like a lot of things on the internet, good or bad, I just stumbled upon your site.

6. Tell us about your first gig, did you go solo or did you have someone to accompany you on stage?

Solo performance just before Christmas break on my school at the time. Scared shitless and with my guitar I sang some songs.

7. Tell us what you hope the future will hold in store for Jonathan Fastborg?

On the 30th of April my single “Drug” will come out on Itunes, Spotify, wimp and Pirate Bay. In the beginning of the summer I will start the recordings of my debut EP. In between gigs and video shooting hopefully I will get some time to listen to new music and host my radio show.


Interview by Cooki C. You can follow her on Twitter at @CookychipMusic

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