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13th Apr

New Interview: Stone Cold Fox


stone cold fox


New York based indie rockers, Stone Cold Fox, talk about their nostalgia inspired tracks from their debut release ‘The Young EP’.


1. I heard you play a take-away shows. Can you explain me what is this?

Take away shows are just little spontaneous shows in odd spaces.  Usually they are filmed.  It's a once in a while thing.

2. Your music has got a hint of nostalgia. Is it because you live in New York? Is New York nostalgic city?

Our music has a lot of nostalgia in it.  I don't think it's because of New York.  I am actually from Maine, so if anything it's more about leaving home in Maine, and less about being in New York.

3. Aren't you personally too young to be nostalgic and to play nostalgic music?

Haha.  No I really don't thing anyone is too young to be nostalgic.  There are always times to look back on your life.  This album deals with that specific time for young adult when they have left home and are gearing up to find a new place to call home.  It's about being in limbo between home and home.  As a man in my early 20's I am in this limbo and I have nostalgia for what once was my home.  So I write about it.

4. You try to incorporate pop music and rock music. But I think incorporating pop and rock music is one of the hardest thing in the music world. Do you agree?

Honestly I feel like "Pop" is a constant revolving door.  One decade it's Classic Rock, the next it's Disco.  Where we stand now we have a whole melting pot of genres that we call pop.  And I feel it has actually become easier to combine genres and place it under a "Rock Pop" category because there is now so much to draw from and be inspired by.  Because we have become saturated with all these genres I've found it easier to write with them in mind because these combination are everywhere.  At the end of the day we try and create honest, catchy, accessible music.

5. Of course it's hard to avoid comparisons Stone Cold Fox to The Strokes. They are also from New York. Are you the children of New Rock Revolution in any way?

No revolution for us.  Nor do I think those titles are really applicable these days.  The Strokes are certainly a part of our inspiration pool, but they by no means make up all of it.  We are both from New York, we both make music.  However they are field and fields more successful than us, they make very different music, and tell very different stories than us. 

6. Your EP is called "The Young". Is this title also kind of nostalgia for something what already passed?

"The Young" embodied all of the nostalgia we wrote about in the album.  It felt like an appropriate title.  Most of the songs on the album are about coming of age.

7. I love almost all your songs. But I'd like to talk about song called "American". I think it's your the most important song. Because of this line: "They won’t tell me what I am to be an American / I am here but my hearts at sea, they won't speak of me"... "THEY" - you mean who?

The line "They won't tell me what I am to be an American, I'm here but my hearts at sea, they won't speak for me"  is about not letting others speak for you.

8. Is your music only music or something more than that? How much your music is about describing the world and how much about trying to change the world?

In my lyrics I try to write about my own philosophies and combine them with music.  Sometimes I write the heartbreak song but overall I much prefer to describe certain mind sets and the conclusions I draw from them.  In this way a lot of my songs end up being more about philosophy than story telling.  Some songs are just comprised of a series of one liners that make up the whole song with a steady theme.  But at the end of the day the output is music, and that is all it is.  If people care to read into it, agree with it, or disagree with it, than it is in their hands to "change the world" with it.  Music to me is more about inspiration.

9. Are you gonna come to Europe?

We would absolutely love to come to Europe.  We just started this project so I think it will be at least a year, but that would certainly be our goal.

Questions prepared by Piotr Balkus (@PiotrBalkus). Interview edited by Bryne Hetznecker.

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