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3rd Apr

The Power Of Radio


With a minefield of new artists appearing everyday it is hard to know how to get yourself discovered by the general public, a great way to be heard is to get onto the radio. Getting on the airwaves may just be one of the best things that you could do to publicize yourself, with 85% of the population of the UK listening to the radio every day. Not only will you people get to hear your work, hopefully if you are played on the right show people will get to know something about you, and often if listeners like your music they will take the time to search for you.

vintage radio
There is no dispute that being played on the radio is great for publicity, but with so much radio out there getting featured is a potential minefield. You will need to research where the best place to send samples of your music, target places that are either promoting new artists, or play your style of music. Radio stations have a limited number spots, and there is a lot of competition you are not only up against other emerging acts, but songs from established artists and old favorites for airtime.
A good place to start is with a university radio, they are non-commercial so they have a greater opportunity to experiment with new artists.  Once you have decided which radio stations to approach, you need to know the best way to get them to notice you. It’s no good just sending a sample to the station in general. You should find out who the music programmer is, it is their job to pick the content of the station. Send any samples either directly to the music programmers or to the head of music.

When sending samples it is important to be professional. Make sure that anything you want played is clearly labelled and includes some brief information about yourself in a press kit. Success in the music industry works like a snowball effect, so keep you press kit updated with all of the places that you have been played.

Don’t limit yourself. The more places that you send your work to the more chance you will have of being heard.  


Article written by Toni Phillips.

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