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22nd Mar

Write your way into the music Industry


emili sande

Sometimes the indirect route is the best way to achieve a goal. If music is your passion and you have a talent for writing why not utilize your skills and write songs for others. This approach is one that has been incredibly successful for up and coming soul and R&B artist Emeli Sandé who recently won the Critics Choice Award at this year’s Brits.

Sandé, who released her debut album Our Version of Events in February, first appeared on the music scene when she featured on Chipmunks top ten hit Diamond Rings. Sandé though has been working behind the scenes as a songwriter creating songs for many artists including UK X Factor contestants Leona Lewis and Cher Lloyd. So the unconventional route that Sandé took to get into the music industry may be an ideal way to get into the business. Not only will you get credit for being a songwriter, you will also get the opportunity to get a sense of what the current trends in music are, which could influence your choices about how to style yourself as a performing artist.

To get into writing music the most important thing that you will need is to find a publisher whose job it is to promote and collect the revenue from your songs, which could support your own aspirations to perform. Songs can earn money in a number of ways so it is important that if you want to generate revenue from your work then it is vital you know what entitles you to get paid. First up is mechanical, this is when you earn money because somebody records your song. Once your song has been recorded you can then collect money from performance rights, when your music has been played or sung in public. Finally if your work has been used as a backing track in a film or on TV then you are entitled to performance rights.

Before signing a contract it is important to do some research so that you have found the deal that suits you. You can choose to sell a single song, a wider collection of work or you could decide to limit the sale of your copy write on a case to case basis. When looking for a publisher it is best to do as much research as possible, don’t take the first deal. When you do decide which company to approach, you should indentify the most suitable contact, if you target an individual there is more chance that your work will get noticed. 

So be smart and do your homework, make sure that you know what you want from your deal before you sign anything, and get any contract checked by someone legal! Do not sign your life away cheaply!      


Article written Toni Phillips.

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