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10th Mar

New Review: Jennifer Lee Nickerson


Jennifer Lee Nickerson


Singer, songwriter and pianist, Jennifer Lee Nickerson’s music may only consist of just her voice and her keys, but that is enough for her to produce simply stunning music.

The singer was born and raised in Central Arkansas, right outside of Little Rock. It was here that she discovered her love for music at an early age. Her mother plays the piano and Jennifer took interest in it the moment she could reach the keys.

In 2010 her track, “I Can’t Fix You” featured on the album, "Between the Deep", a compilation of unsigned artists released by Deep South Digital. The track showcases her talents as a songwriter as the lyrics are deeply moving which is enhanced by the melodic playing that accompanies it.

The singer sites her influences as The Beatles, Van Morrison, Foreigner and Led Zeppelin, although her music differs greatly from them.  Her other tracks, such as “Don't Be Ashamed” and “Love Me” are a million miles away from her rock influences with their soulful and soothing sounds.

Jennifer Lee Nickerson’s music is the perfect example of how when it’s done right a single instrument can be as powerful as an entire orchestra. The mixture of her soulful voice and the elegantly simplistic nature of the tracks create truly beautiful songs that are likely to lead her to success.

Review made by Kate Laura Teasdale. You can follow her on Twitter at @Kate_Laura .

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