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7th Mar

Staying Creative



What is creativity and how can we stay creative at any age?  In an interview, Jonah Lehrer cites the work of Dean Simonton of UC Davis, who studied creativity in a variety of fields and found that a decline in creativity over time can be attributed to acculturation.
“If you’re a painter you fall into a style, you develop your clichés – your shtick.  If you’re a scientist, you know how to apply for certain grants from the NIH, and if you’re an entrepreneur, you know how certain ideas work and you stick with them,” says Lehrer.
As musicians, it’s really easy to fall into this trap because we have a live audience right in front of us that expects us to play certain songs.  How many times have you found yourself writing a song for similar instrumentation, using a similar chord progression, or similar lyrics, as your other songs?
Trying something new is definitely taking a chance, but it’s an essential part of staying vital professionally.  You don’t have to go overboard, just try a few new things and see how people react.  It will go a long way towards maintaining your creativity.

Article written by Isaku Kageyama. You can follow him on Twitter at @isakukageyama.

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