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4th Mar

New Interview: Milos Vukomanovic


milos vukomanovic


After spending much of his life in Athens, Greece; Milos Vukomanovic is back in his native country, Serbia. The multi lingual singer-songwriter opens up about his family life, musical inspiration and much more.

1. You were born in Serbia, you live in Greece, but you were so close to becoming Italian. I read a story about it. Do you regret not being in Italy now?

First of all I would like to thank you for the interview.
It really means a lot for me. On your site www.weloveyoursong.com, I heard very good songs and I met some good artists. I am really glad that I belong in that group and I thank you again.
Yes I was born in Serbia, Belgrade in 1987.
In 1994 my parents decided to go to Italy via Greece, but when we arrived to Corfu we had financial and other problems so we didn’t manage to get on board for Italy. After that we decided to go to Athens. I don't regret anything that I have done in my life, and I am really happy for all. I am very proud that I spent 19 years in Athens. I miss Athens and my friends very much.
2. You live in Serbia now, place where you were born. Is it your home?

Yes, I live in Belgrade right now and that is pretty good question 'is this my home'. I am Serbian and I will always be, the point is, I never lived here and I do not know the lifestyle. Many people ask me 'do you love Greece or Serbia’?
I believe that this kind of question should not be asked to a person who cannot answer it. I love Serbia because I was born there and I love Greece because I was raised there. This time it is true that I really miss Athens, but this doesn’t mean that I don’t love Belgrade; I love both the same.
3. But you sing in Italian. Why?

I don’t sing only in Italian hahahaha.
I try to sing in many languages and to learn many as I can. I love Italian language because it’s very beautiful and I love Italian music too. I am a huge fan of many artists who inspire me ,that’s why I am singing in Italian.
4. There is also a song in English. Is it because you want to be famous in the United Kingdom, or just because English is good language to express your emotions?

I think that the English language is the most popular and known to the world. I don’t think about the publicity right now, I was just trying to do a good job. Sometimes I write my own lyrics and sometimes I get help from a very good friend of mine, Angelina. She’s been writing poems and lyrics and when I need something quickly, and I know that I can find it from her. I think that (English) is a language to express your emotions, but more importantly many people will understand you.
5. I really like this English songs. "Let's Get Down" is very good.

Thank you very much. The song 'Let's Get Down' was written 11 months ago by myself when I was disappointed about some things in my life. 'Let's Get Down' talks about the problems that we have, but it is also dynamic and tries to tell you everything is gonna be alright, let’s move on. Also the song 'Let's Get Down' is included on my second English album, named 'Mountains Heart'.
6. Is music your biggest love?

Music is one of my biggest loves, I couldn’t think of my life without music and Football.  I have spent so much time with them and really my heart would be broken without them; and that’s the truth. Besides (music and Football), I found another love and it is literature. I started writing two books named '680 miles' and 'One Minute Man'. I also write training books for football for kids between 9 to 15 years old.
7.  Tell me more please about your second love - football.

Football is health, dynamism, and passion. Football makes you think and act quickly, it teaches you to be disciplined. Through football you know other people and unite with them because of the good and bad times you have spent with them. I just love it! I started playing when I was 7 years old. I have changed many teams, and had many experiences. I play like an amateur, I favor my left foot, and play many positions. My favorite teams are Red Star Belgrade, Olympiakos, Manchester United, and Juventus. My favorite players are Savicevic, Stojkovic, Mihajlovic, Giggs, Beckham, Tsiartas, Cantona, Best, Raul, Rivaldo, Del Piero, Totti and many more.
8. Is it easy to be an artist in Serbia?

I don’t know, I just think that if you want to be famous and popular you have to work hard, and that means for all countries, not only for Serbia.
9. Your music is very popular on our site www.weloveyoursongs.com. Do you know why? What do people like in your music? How do you feel?

I am very proud about that and I just thank my friends because they really support me and they like my staff. I don’t know what people love about my songs and my music. When I was playing guitar at a park, some people came and stopped to listen and some others didn’t. Everyone has their own taste about music, if someone love's it or someone doesn’t I can agree with that. I am happy when I play guitar and sing, it makes me to forget my problems, relaxes my soul and lets me think clearly.
10. On your photo you have a guitar in your hands. What do you feel when you have your guitar in your hands? Are you happy in this moment?

Hahaha my sister took that photo was on the train traveling from Belgrade to Athens. That guitar is my fathers. It is 45-50 years old, when you hold something in your hands and you make other people dance or sing, the feeling is indescribable and of course I'm the happiest man in the world...


Questions prepared by Piotr Balkus (@PiotrBalkus). Interview edited by Bryne Hetznecker.

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